Recently, a web-based system I designed, project managed and developed went live across Canada for both internal and external users. I was asked to give an update on the system and the launch during a monthly video conference call at this national not-for-profit. This was an excellent opportunity to reinforce and demonstrate the ownership take onboard by the functional department now that the system live and the production environment. This “buy in” started by early involvement with the system owners in the design and development, was solidified during the final stages of acceptance testing carried out by the the end users. The presentation also gave some junior staff an opportunity to raise their own profile across the company and with Sr. Management. The system was developed on Drupal (as a web-application development platform) because: the platform was already being used in the organization; the ROI assessment was favourable; and we knew we could rapidly designa and deploy a solution in this manner. Furthermore, Drupal fit with the vision for the registration portal growing in the future to become a LMS (Learning Management System).There was solid business case for moving away from the pay-per-transaction, software as a service model. My recruitment and management of an offshore development resource for the commodity configuration and custom module work strengthened the business case.The CFO complemented the project, the system, and the obvious buy-in from the functional department saying that this project carried out the “best functional requirements and usability assessment, and was rolled out with the best change management implementation” ever in the organization.Statistics:

  • 3,500 estimated annual transactions from external users, nation-wide
  • 4-6 internal users
  • 12 approximate products
  • Self-serve attendance list reports (two real-time methods to provide redundancy, and one backup method)
  • 6 basic types of reporting (volume of transactions by workshop, by province, by host university, by region, by quarter, by year)