I like this short series of quotes from Business Insider (article here). The advice shared can be put into the context of Organizational Change Management.
  • Based on comments from Terry J Lundgren: things are changing now. They will change again. Be in the present and do what needs to be done now and do it well, knowing that you will need to move on again. Communicate and share the benefits of the continuous learning and growing organization as a part of organizational change efforts. Make this experience beneficial to people, and make the “what’s in it for me” a positive experience.
  • Based on comments from Richard Branson: Allow yourself to move on, to change, without regrets. Accept that we are always on a learning curve. Get comfortable with change as a learning, and growing experience. Make this a message AND and the experience of change initiatives within an organization. Making learning and growing a part of organizational culture.
  • Based on comments from Marissa Mayer: make a choice, stick with it and make it great. Ask the organization to support the choices being made and make it great. Make the experience of change as great as possible for the organization.
  • Based on comments from Lloyd Blankfein: consult and communicate about organizational change. Manage the stress and don’t overload people with change. Create the conditions for people to be effective, successful and have grace under pressure. Plan and find a way to pace organizational change without reducing the benefits of rapid transformation.
  • From Eric Schmidt: say “yes” to new things. Make this a positive part of organizational culture. Show and create experiences where saying “yes” to change is rewarding and beneficial. Make the experiences meaningful and not superficial.
  • Based on comments from Mohamed El-Erian: be open to other voices and opinions. Solicit opinions, information and experience. Create an environment of open dialogue and engagement. This will create an culture that will move cohesively when a path forward has been selected. Engage with the business and bring people along to successfully establish organizational change. Make this part of the culture of change.