This presentation, Change Management in 7, outlines my philosophical approach and organizing beliefs about Organizational Change Management. This is what I bring to the table when engaged in a change initiative.

Some background for these slides and for the case that I am making:

  • I’m proposing a new, simplified meta-definition for “The Intelligent Organization” based on Stephen Hawking’s definition of intelligence as “the ability to adapt and change”.  This differs in some regards from previous use of the term “Organizational Intelligence” within the Organizational Development realm, and as used in Lean methodology. I think the meta-definition I propose provides an organizing principle under which all other frameworks can fit.  I have a longer presentation which lays out and supports this thesis. Contact me for more information.
  • I subscribe to the notion of the servant manager, and that an organization should provide it’s people with the tools and support they need to be successful. This is implied in the statement that the organization needs to structure, provide for, and support what the employees need to “Adapt and Change”.
  • In this simplified outline, Culture is included in the People element (People, Processes, Tools), and play a role in the Psychological perspective (the “2P’s” – practical and psychological).
  • I’m defining knowledge as “known information”.  This is in contrast to new information.
  • My definition of “new information” includes new information (new to the employee or new to the organization in any manner) and “anticipated” information. This includes information from estimates, projections, strategic planning, risk assessments etc.